Market hall Rotterdam

In the city centre of Rotterdam the "Markthal Rotterdam", a combined covered food market, shopping mall, parking garage and office- and apartment building was established. This multifunctional building is characterized by its unique architecture. The superstructure consists of curved office space, which established a rectangular roofed space to be used for the marketplace.

The consortium Martens Van Oord - Mobilis were responsible for planning, coordination and construction of "Markthal Rotterdam", including the related work that the project includes.

The main task for Mobilis was the establishment of the building pit and parking garage.

The construction exists of combi walls, sheet piles, underwater concrete, vibro-combination piles, steel hollow pipes, concrete floors, concrete walls and concrete columns.

The work started with excavating to ground level (track bed) at minus 14 meters. The entire building construction was bounded by temporary closed steel sheet piles. When the final ground level was reached concrete piles, steel piles and GEWI-piles were driven in and the old ones from the former building were removed. After that the establishment of the "Markthal Rotterdam" commenced

The making of the Market hall Rotterdam

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