Multi-year contracts

Bridges, tunnels, quays and motorways - we are happy to carry them out from design to completion. But this does not mean that it stops after the completion of a project. In order to be able to use these assets effectively for years to come, maintenance is required. We provide solutions for this. 

We have further developed our company and introduced a separate segment for Long-Term Contracts. With our employees, we take care of the Asset Management of your assets. We take a systematic approach to maintenance, carry out maintenance tasks and connect our partners in this multidisciplinary task.

Together with our sister company Croonwolter&dros Infra, we have been active for many years in the maintenance of tunnels and road sections such as the Coen tunnel, the Westerschelde tunnel and the Sluiskil tunnel .
Continuous monitoring, reporting and improvement are at the heart of our approach to the optimum management of the assets. Investing in cooperation and committing to projects over the long term is in our DNA. This approach enables us to tackle multidisciplinary assignments.

Framework agreements

We also prefer to make long-term commitments in framework agreements. The cooperation in these agreements forms an excellent basis for carrying out repetitive replacement or renovation projects. The approach that we apply to maintenance also enables us to continuously improve and accelerate the performance of the tasks.

With the knowledge we have gained over the years from designing and constructing tunnels, bridges, locks, quays and viaducts, as well as our specialist repair knowledge within Special Techniques, we are able to realize projects cost-efficiently and sustainably.

Responding to trends

The market is changing from building new infrastructure to replacing and maintaining it. There is also a perceptible trend towards other, long-term forms of cooperation between client and contractor. This trend is widely visible across all market segments. Mobilis has looked at the possibilities we can offer in response to this changing demand.

That is why we have introduced Multi-year Contracts. The development of Multi-year Contracts (MJC) focuses on 2 sub-areas: multi-year maintenance and framework contracts.

The emphasis of cooperation in MJC projects is on achieving common goals. We ensure a connection with clients and partners by agreeing on clear goals and providing all parties with insight in order to be able to manage the issues.