Bridge on the river Waal (A50)


Project Bridge on the river Waal (A50)
Locatie A50 between Ewijk en Valburg
Opdrachtgever Rijkswaterstaat
Architect Quist Wintermans Architecten
Looptijd apr 2010 - may 2013

The project was commenced in June 2013 and covers the expansion of the A50 motorway between Valburg and Ewijk from 2x2 lanes to 2x4 lanes. Concurrently with the expansion of the motorway, the 1,050 meter long cable-stayed bridge over the De Waal River was also to be expanded from two to four lanes in both directions.

The project was carried out under a turnkey contract and the successful consortium consisted of Mobilis, Van Gelder and Dywidag.

The project

The road widening of A50 from four to eight lanes contributes to an improved traffic flow of one of the region’s most busy roads — in relation to both truck and passenger car traffic.

In total, truck traffic makes up 30 percent on this road and most of this traffic is non-Dutch. After the completion of the project, this meant that both a local and West European bottleneck was resolved.

Supplements to the contract                              

As a supplement to the expansion of the road in both directions of 7 kilometer road and the expansion of the cable-stayed bridge, the motorway interchanges at Ewijk and Valburg respectively also needed to be adjusted and optimized so that they could also handle the heavy traffic flow.

The motorway interchanges were to be completed by 2013, while the road widenings were planned to be completed by the end of 2013 at the latest.

The project was carried out under a turnkey contract and the successful consortium (Waalkoppel) consisted of Mobilis B.V. Van Gelder B.V. and Dywidag AG.

Cable-stayed bridge over de Waal river

The expansion of the nearly 40 years old cable-stayed bridge was carried out by constructing an extra bridge (supplement bridge) next to the existing bridge. This bridge was built in sections from the river bank and push over the water by a sled. Here the bridge deck rests on several supporting structures that were established prior to the pushing process.

With a length of 1,050 meters, this project is quite unique.

Together, the supplement bridge and the existing cable-stayed bridge form the new bridge ”Waalbrug”. The existing bridge hangs over the river in thick steel wires suspended between two concrete pylons.

After completion, the new bridge resembles two drops of water and the old bridge. From 2013 onwards, the two bridges decorate the river beautifully.


Bridge on the river Waal (A50)